Post Op Instructions for General Anesthesia

Post - OP Instructions Following General Anesthesia

1)      As your child is awaken from General Anesthesia, during the first 30 minutes the child is slightly disorientated before he/she fully recovers to full alertness.  There is lingering “hangover effect” that will last through out most of the day, therefore, your child should be under close supervision for the remainder of the day.  Do not allow your child to participate in any vigorous activities. 

2)      After the General Anesthesia, some patients may have a sore throat, minor swallowing discomfort or slight nose bleed from the breathing tube being placed in the patient’s nose or throat for airway control during the surgery.  The child may sound “raspy” or “croupy” for the first day. These symptoms will get better as the day passes.

3)      Your child’s diet should include clear liquids for the first several hours after the surgery to maintain hydration.  Please avoid dairy products such as milk, milkshakes or ice cream that may cause an upset stomach or vomiting. Non-chewy, soft foods such as chicken broth soup, noodles, Jell-O or apple sauce are more appropriate. Nausea and vomiting are occasional side effects of sedation.  If vomiting persists, please contact our office.

4)      Every child is different; some children may run a slight fever up to 101 degrees oral or rectal after general anesthesia.  This is common and can be corrected by hydrating your child with oral fluids.  If a fever goes over 101 degrees, you may give your child over the counter children’s Tylenol. Follow the directions on the bottle for patient's age and weight.  Notify the doctor if the fever persists.

5)      If your child had teeth removed, there might be some minor bleeding at the extractions sites.  Place a firm pressure with the gauze for 30 minutes to stop the bleeding.  Do not use straws or spit because this may dislodge the blood clot and infect the area.

6)      If your child had stainless steel crowns or space maintainers placed, the surrounding gums of these teeth may be irritated and sore. This sensitivity usually only lasts for 24 hours.   Avoid sticky candies and bubble gums because they may dislodge the stainless steel crowns. 

7)      If your child had white crown or white filling placed, they may initially feel sensitivity to cold at those teeth and this comfort gradually disappears.  Avoid sticky candies, ice, and bubble gum because they may dislodge the crowns or the fillings.

8)      All patients may begin brushing their teeth in a normal fashion after the surgery.  Avoid the extraction site area because it may be tender for the first few days.

9)      If, your child is given any prescription, please fill it and give your child the medication as directed.  If over the counter children’s Motrin is recommend for pain, please follow the directions on the bottle.

10)   We would like to see your child in our office at Smiles for Life Pediatric Dentistry for a follow up exam in 2 weeks post surgery.  Please, call our office to schedule that appointment.


If there is an emergency or if you have any further questions, please call Dr. Kaur at the following numbers:  Office: 708 579 5437





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